Three is NOT a Crowd

Three is NOT a Crowd

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I became friends with these two ladies in 2004. We were asked to work together in leadership positions over several units of our churches youth groups. I didn’t really know either one of them before that time, but lasting friendships were quickly formed! I love that these ladies tell me the truth, share their knowledge and opinions, love me for who I am, forgive me for my imperfections, and make me laugh until I cry!  We saw miracles happen as we worked together, volunteering many hours.

The two of them have relocated to Utah over the past few years and we have wanted to do a girls weekend for a long time. We were finally able to get it scheduled and just decided to do it. We each missed some of our kids events to be there, but we knew there would never be a perfect time. So glad we were able to do it. Being with friends like this is really good for the soul!!

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