Retro Photoshop?

Retro Photoshop?


While I was in St. George with my friends and watching the Iron Man, I looked down the race course and saw this sign. My heart started beating super fast and it was all I could do to act calm, cool, and collected as I figured out how to get them to walk that direction for a photo. My sneaky plan included something like, “Wow!  Look at that cool sign! I need to take a picture of it! We have to walk that way!!” See, just like I said: cool, calm, and collected! I think the shop was sitting vacant…I would love to have that sign to hang in my office!

The area of Utah that St. George is in is called Dixie, thus the name. You can also look toward the bottom of the photo and see the “D” on the mountain..I’m assuming for Dixie High…? I was impressed with myself as I was getting ready to write this, I actually remember some of my Utah geography from 4th grade: St. George is located in Washington County. I also found out while Googling to make sure it really was Washington County and not Dixie County (not sure there is a Dixie County), I found out that St. George has it’s own Twitter account, I’m impressed! It actually gets tweeted from too. You can check it out @Cityofstgeorge .

Because I’m sure you are dying to know, I took the photo with my iPhone 4S, and edited in Photoshop using the Rad Lab by Totally Rad. There is a discount coupon at The Digi Show site if you are interested in using it (I love all of their products). Here’s the recipe: Lights On (default setting), Oh Snap (Strength bumped up to 114%, Snap at default, and saturation bumped to 110%), Claire-fy bumped up to 114%, and finally Pross-crossessed bumped up to 144% (I love that one).

Here’s the before SOOC:

Photo May 05, 2 54 33 PM

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