My Kind of People

My Kind of People

Photo May 03, 4 04 19 PM

It’s always so refreshing to be with people that “get” me! I don’t have to explain anything…things are just understood! That’s what it’s like when Katie and get together. Katie does a lot of writing for me at The Daily Digi and really is my “go-to-girl” for many things. I love that she “gets” me. We have been known to send each other emails at the same time about the same thing.

I popped down to Utah for a long weekend with some girlfriends (more on that later) and added on a day, so Katie and I could get together. It was so fun to visit and catch up with her. It was a much needed break! I have always wanted to meet Kayla Lamoreaux in person, so I sent her an email (several months ago) to see if she could join us.

Photo May 03, 5 27 47 PM

We met Kayla at Brio in Murray and it was delish!!  It was Katie’s pick and she did not disappoint!

Photo May 03, 5 20 48 PM

We ate some really, really good food and visited a ton! Right as we would think we were going to leave, one of us would ask a question and the discussion would keep on going. We talked about everything in digital scrapbooking and came up with lots of fun ideas…talked about things we want to do in the future…dreams we have, and even how it used to be in the “good old days” of digital scrapbooking. We even got Kayla booked for an upcoming Digi Show! Saved me some work, love that!

Photo May 03, 7 03 14 PM

Katie had the brilliant idea that we should go over to The Corner Bakery, which is a favorite place of mine that Katie introduced me to. I was thrilled because I didn’t think I was going to make it there this trip. We had desert at the Corner Bakery and chatted it up some more. This time, the conversation turned to more personal things and we laughed as we related to each others stories! That chocolate Whoopee Pie is the best thing EVER! If only the Corner Bakery shipped!

Photo May 03, 8 33 48 PM

As we were saying goodbye, we grabbed a quick photo with Katie’s iPhone. Crazy and fun…just like us!

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