I Did The Ironman

I Did The Ironman

Photo May 05, 2 15 59 PM

People that know me, know how ironic the title to this post is. It’s almost comical actually. I detest exercise! I don’t exercise and will come up with any excuse I can think of to not start a fitness program. While we were in St. George for our girls weekend, the Ironman was going on. We didn’t know this before we getting there. We ended up eating lunch on the course and watching part of the race. It was pretty cool to see the racers watching and searching for their family members on the sidelines. It actually made me cry several times to see runners give their wife a kiss as they ran past. So sweet!

We watched the first place overall cross the finish line and the thing that was crazy to me, he didn’t even look winded…at all! I can’t relate to the desire to push my body to the point of death, but it was fun to watch other people do it, I suppose. Now, I can say, I did the Ironman…sort of.

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