And Then I Got Sick

And Then I Got Sick

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This was me on Saturday. On Saturday, I had a list of about seven recipes that I was doubling or tripling, all of the ingredients, my iPhone filled with new podcast episodes, and my cute apron (see above). I worked through three of the recipes between running a few errands, doing stuff for church, and taking care of kids. I figured the family could help me finish up the last few on Mother’s Day Winking smile

And then, I got sick.

My youngest woke up on Sunday fine, but quickly started complaining of not feeling well. Soon after, she was running a fever. I decided to stay home with her the first part of church and swap out with the hubby half way through. After everyone left, I started feeling sick. I texted the husband and went back to bed while my little one was sleeping (she had fallen asleep on her bed, that’s when I knew it was bad). I felt worse and worse as the day went on.

Monday, I was not doing well and canceled The Digi Show recording. My husband said that’s when he knew it was bad. I don’t think I have ever canceled a show due to sickness in the two years I’ve been doing it. And I have been sick a lot during that time.

We spent three hours Monday night in the urgent care with our youngest who was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. I spent the rest of the night rubbing her itchy feet (although HFM rash is not “typically” itchy). At 5:40am, I hit a wall. I walked out of my room to see my oldest off to school and went and got in the littlest girls bed and slept until 9.

I’m still not feeling real great, but mom’s don’t really get time off. My son started with a fever last night which means no scout campout…except his leader is an ER doc and said as long as he’s not running a fever, send him, and they will put him in his own tent. We’ll see.

Mostly, now, I’m tired and run down. Sleeping a lot in-between running my oldest to, from, and around town. At least I’m getting caught up on Feedly, Twitter, Pinterest, and my podcast playlist! Winking smile I guess those freezer meals will need to wait!

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