Meeting Kimberly Kalil

Meeting Kimberly Kalil


Photo Apr 12, 1 54 00 PM

While I was in AZ I also was able to get together with a Daily Digi Team member, Kimberly Kalil. I made the arrangements to get together with her and really, thought nothing of it. Then, when she came to my hotel to pick me up, I had a moment of panic when I realized that I wasn’t too sure if I would recognize her and I had no idea what kind of car to watch for. I thought to myself: “WHAT am I doing!?” Then, Kimberly jumped out of her car with a smile on her face that instantly calmed my fears.

We had a lot to talk about and really didn’t stop talking the entire time we were together! She took me to one of her favorite lunch places and I am willing to admit that the family and I went back TWO more times (it was that good)!

Photo Apr 13, 5 44 51 PM

I LOVED the glass flowers hanging down from the ceiling and couldn’t help but wonder if they were Dale Chihuly (I love his artwork):

Photo Apr 12, 12 17 56 PM

One of my family’s visits to Wildflower Bread Company was at a different location and they didn’t have the beautiful glasswork, so it made me even more curious. I never asked anyone about it though.

I’ll be back in a few days with a photo of the unexpected location that I did (for sure) find some Chihuly work while in AZ.

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