Meeting Becky Higgins and Team

Meeting Becky Higgins and Team


I was in Arizona last week on vacation and took some time out from hanging out at the pool with my family to meet some people I’ve worked with online. My first lunch was with Becky Higgins and her awesome team: Brandi, Kari (who also works with Jessica Sprague), and Christy. They were a super fun bunch of ladies and I actually felt like I was having lunch with old friends! We instantly learned that I know Brandi’s mother-in-law in my real, offline life and I had actually met Brandi once before….funny how life happens. It was Becky’s idea to have everyone put on their Digi Show t-shirts for the picture and I was flattered!

After eating lunch, we headed to Becky’s for some cake. One of the first things I noticed when walking in her house was this focal point:

Photo Apr 09, 1 55 33 PM


Two flat screen monitors framed out on the wall, displaying favorite family photos. Here’s a peek at the back:

Photo Apr 09, 1 55 06 PM

Photo Apr 09, 1 55 10 PM

Becky is as nice and genuine as she seems! I really was (and am) humbled that she and her team would take half a day out of their busy schedules to spend with me. The funny thing was that we hardly even talked business at all. There was so much from our regular lives that we have in common, we just chatted about those things. I was a little star-struck as I sat in Becky’s kitchen watching her slice a piece of chocolate cake for me, wearing a Digi Show t-shirt! (sorry for the blurry photo…that’s the star-strucked-ness manifesting itself):

Photo Apr 09, 2 13 18 PM

It was a super FUN day and I hope I get more opportunities in the future to work with these great ladies!


I will be back tomorrow with a post about meeting one of my team members while in AZ Smile

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