Getting Good Deals on Airfare

Getting Good Deals on Airfare


It’s not too big of a secret that I love to travel. We can usually get really good deals on hotels just about anywhere, but airfare is getting more and more expensive. I wanted to find a site that would help me watch airfare prices of places we want to visit, so I would know a good deal when I see it. I asked on Twitter and got a couple of recommendations and Googled as well. I found Airfare Watchdog and have been using it for a couple of months now. I enter the departure city and destination city and they do the rest. Anytime a lower fare pops up, they email me. It has really helped me figure out what the average prices are going to be, which also helps me recognize a good deal when I see it.

I haven’t actually purchased any tickets yet because of it, but I have noticed prices dropping a bit again over the past week…hoping it’s a new trend!

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