What I’ve been up to…

What I’ve been up to…

The other day, I had a few moments to catch up on blogs, which I have not done in a month or more and saw a post on Janet's blog that I thought I would copy..heehee.

I haven't had much time for blogging, but instead I have…

Prepared for a camp with 170 teenage girls and their leaders
designed t-shirts for said camp (2 different t-shirts actually)
designed signs, banners, lanyards, etc. for camp
got my house ready to go on the market
sold my house (twice)
found a new house
spent time in 5 different states
celebrated 2 bdays in our little family
celebrated Father's Day
celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary
finished homeschooling
added stuff to the Stephanie2 store
did some posts at TDD
got my kids registered for their new schools
attended my sons first (of many) piano recitals
had several repairs done on the house to get it ready for inspection
signed my life away on documents
took kids to the urgent care for: cellulitis, a scratch on the retina, and a broken arm
spent time with some of my favorite people (friends and family)
attended a "going away party" some of my dearest friends threw for me
enjoyed an increased budget for my fireworks (since it was my last time being able to blow things up legally…yes I AM a piro)
watched the most amazing fireworks show over the water (and some of them were mine)
attended girls camp, came home exhausted and relieved
learned a lot about myself
learned a lot about other people
watched my kids play on the waterslide
had some "pop-it wars" with my kids, husband, and parents
took my kids to the movie
played at the park
made lots and lots of great memories!

I'll be back after we move!

P.S. I forgot to add that I have had lots and lots of fun with my new iPhone and don't know how I lived without it (even with AT&T :P)

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