New Machine

New Machine

Can you hear the crickets chirping on my blog???  I can…sheesh!  The good news is that I am busy with some very fun and exciting things over at TDD.  I can't wait to share it all with you, but you have to wait a bit…don't you hate it when people do that?!

I do have some exciting news that I can share with you though…a couple of weeks ago I got myself a new machine!  I am LOVING it…well…loving everything except the Vista!  I had decided that I was going to wipe my hardrive and put XP on it, when I got a virus…well 2 viruses, some malware, and a trojan and over 900 instances of spyware on my old laptop that has XP on it.  I have heard around the www that Vista IS indeed less likely to get all of these ugly critters, but this time I saw it for sure.  I have been moving my little EHD back and forth between the two while I get everything set up on the new machine the way I like it.  I also go to pretty much the same sites on both machines, so there was plenty opportunity for the bugs to contaminate my new baby, but they haven't.  I was able to get the old laptop fixed…without help..hehe!

Soooo…for those that care (haha) I have a SWEET 17 inch HP laptop with 325 gigabyte hardrive and 4 whopping gigabytes of RAM!!!  It has HD connections and a bunch of other connections that dh said I would want…haha (he's the TV/Video guy in the family, I'm the computer person). I cannot believe how much faster I am able to do things though.  My OLD laptop had an 80 gig hardrive and 1 gig RAM…yeah…BIG difference!  I can run Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, Word, surf the web (with multiple windows open) AND a few other things all AT THE SAME TIME!!!  Not kidding!  I am a happy, happy girl that is getting lots of work done…when I am able to be on the computer.

I am also busy planning girls camp stuff…we are in the last leg of the race, as they say, so it will be extremely busy from now until the first part of July…but as I have said before…IT'S ALL GOOD and for that I am so THANKFUL!!!

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