Finally!  I can explain ONE of the reasons for my absence!  I have been working feverishly the last several weeks…well over a month on a top-secret project with another Stephanie.  So….what do you get when you add

Stephanie(me) + Stephanie (Homegrown Hospitality)=

Well you get Stephanie to the power of 2…haha!!  It really is a crazy story how Stephanie and I came to collaborate and long, so I won't share now, BUT we are so excited to work together.  Stephanie is a self proclaimed "long live paper" girl.  As I have been getting things from her, doodles and then photos of hybrid projects, I can't help but picture all of these wonderful things just exploding out of her.  Kind of like a commercial with someone walking down the street and some happy music playing in the background with doodles, flowers and cute things being drawn all around her as she moves.  Not sure that does justice to the imagery I have in my head of what happens when Stephanie puts pen to paper or paper to scissors!  She is extremely talented and I feel blessed to be able to collaborate with her. 

So, without anymore blah blah blah from me…let me share with you OUR stuff and everything is on sale through Sunday AND you will get a free set of gingham papers with each kit through Sunday as well (who can't use gingham?):





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