As I have said before here, I grew up in a family of all girls, four girls to be exact.  Well, plus my mom and the girl dog that would be a total of six girls in the house…lol…poor, poor dad!!  But, what are the odds of having all three of your sisters pregnant and due within just a few weeks of each other?  Yeah…kinda what I thought…lol!!  Two of them have had their babies (a boy and a girl) and my youngest sister is due any day!  :)  I am excited for them and happy for them all at once!  I get asked a lot if I feel left out and the answer is a resounding NOOOOO!!  If I wouldn’t have had our youngest almost 20 months ago it would have been difficult, but right now, I am sooo happy for them and soooo happy where I am and am not…lol!  Plus, I get to go on a mother/daughter retreat this year and have my mom all to myself…lol.  Not too bad of a deal!

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  1. Heather`

    That’s funny all three of them are having babies all at the same time. It’s good you’re happy where you’re at too! It’s fun to be an aunt sometimes!!

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